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IT Expertise

Sugarcube IT is all about data : reading, importing, retrieving, recognizing, displaying, handling, processing, converting, storing, exporting. Electronic data is polymorph and can be expressed using extremely different representations  : TIFF, JPG, PDF, Microsoft Office, HTML, XML, JSON, databases, etc.

Looking for expertise?

  • data processing and analysis
  • publishing, indexing, understanding, printing
  • desktop and web GUI applications
  • desktop and server batch processes
  • web learning and training projects
  • online data crawlers and analysers



  • current customer state analysis
  • workflows checking and optimizing
  • customer needs feasibility study
  • adapted solutions proposal


  • project study and set up
  • solution architecture design
  • modules implementation & integration
  • deep testing & further iterations

Technology provider

  • standalone desktop applications
  • client and server batch workflows
  • online web applications & widgets
  • proprietary and advanced Java API

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e-Document Solutions

Sugarcube IT provides a set of tools and APIs able to fully access and handle electronic document (e-Document).  Since e-Documents can virtually be printed to PDF, our solutions rely extensively on this universal file format.

Our e-Document solutions apply seamlessly to scanned paper documents converted to searchable PDF.

Our proprietary API deeply implements the PDF standard :

  • File formats : fonts, images & colorspaces formats are widely supported;
  • Writing mode : left-to-right, right-to-left and vertical writing are supported;
  • Imaging model : transparency and layer compositing are supported;
  • Document structure : tagged and marked contents are supported;
  • Encoded data : filtered, linearized, compressed and web optimized PDF are supported.

Sugarcube’s API provides elaborated functionality :

  • reading, extracting, writing, converting
  • editing, aggregating, merging, augmenting documents
  • process automation, mass-mailing
  • analysing, localizing, detecting, understanding data
  • physical and logical structure recognition

Sugarcube‘s solutions are built upon a strong proprietary Java API running on Windows, MacOS, Linux, on client/server side.

Sugarcube’s PDF API

  • indexing, tagging
  • analyse and understand document content
  • import data in my applications
  • apply OCR and image analysis

Editing PDF Data – Aggregators, Transformers, Converters

  • modify PDF content
  • merge PDF contents
  • augment PDF with data like datamatrices, etc.

Exporting PDF Data – Data Generators, Publishers, Data providers

  • convert PDF into other formats : PDF, XML, HTML, etc.
  • export data to online server databases
  • feed online and offline management systems

Sugarcube‘s API allow you to easily access PDF and electronic document content, to apply analyzing processes, extract data or part of the data (invoices, images, tables, etc.).