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by sugarcubeIT

sugarcubeIT solutions


  • current customer state analysis
  • workflows checking and optimizing
  • customer needs feasibility study
  • adapted solutions proposal


  • project study and set up
  • solution architecture design
  • modules implementation & integration
  • deep testing & further iterations

Technology provider

  • standalone desktop applications
  • client and server batch workflows
  • online web applications & widgets
  • proprietary and advanced Java API
  • data indexing and tagging
  • data analysis and understaning
  • data extraction and import
  • image analysis and OCR

PDF Editing

  • document edition
  • document enhancement
  • documents merging
  • document normalization

PDF Exporting

  • export data to XML, HTML, ePub, Word, etc.
  • export data to online/offline databases
  • feed online/offline management systems