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eBooks Solutions

EPUB Replica Conversion

  • PDF to EPUB Fixed Layout conversion
  • 100% IDPF ePub3 compliant
  • HTML5, CSS, Javascript, SVG
  • free for non-commercial private use

EPUB Prism Reader

  • EPUB Replica & Reflow online reader
  • HTML5, CSS, Javascript
  • free of charge

Try Replica Online – PDF to ePUB Conversion

simplicity is beauty and
beauty is simplicity,
nothing more, nothing less

Oscar Wilde

PDF Solutions

PDF Data Processing

  • data indexing and tagging
  • data analysis and understanding
  • data extraction and import
  • image analysis and OCR

PDF Data Export

  • export data to XML, HTML, ePub, Word, etc.
  • export data to online/offline databases
  • feed online/offline management systems
  • merge/edit PDF data back to PDF files

Image Processing Tools

SugarCube has developed state of the art image processing technologies such as our ZigZag image binarization filter (YinYang’s successor).

Click here to view more amazing examples

Try ZigZag Online Document Image Binarization

Document Image Binarization

Document Image Foreground Extraction

Interested in our image processing skills ? Take a look at our image processing posts :

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