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eBooks Solutions

EPUB Replica Conversion

  • PDF to EPUB Fixed Layout conversion
  • 100% IDPF ePub3 compliant
  • HTML5, CSS, Javascript, SVG
  • free for non-commercial private use

EPUB Prism Reader

  • EPUB Replica & Reflow online reader
  • HTML5, CSS, Javascript
  • free of charge

Try Replica Online – PDF to ePUB Conversion

simplicity is beauty and
beauty is simplicity,
nothing more, nothing less

Oscar Wilde

PDF Solutions

PDF Data Processing

  • data indexing and tagging
  • data analysis and understanding
  • data extraction and import
  • image analysis and OCR

PDF Data Export

  • export data to XML, HTML, ePub, Word, etc.
  • export data to online/offline databases
  • feed online/offline management systems
  • merge/edit PDF data back to PDF files

Try Dexter Online – PDF to OCD Conversion

Image Processing Tools

SugarCube has developed state of the art image processing technologies such as our YinYang image binarization filter.

Try YinYang Online – Document Image Binarization

Interested in our image processing skills ? Take a look at our image processing posts :

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