ImaproFX – Image Processing Framework

ImaproFX – JavaFX Image Processing Framework

Grasping the essence of image processing and analysis algorithms may prove to be quite difficult. To simplify the comprehension of such algorithms, sugarcubeIT proposes ImaproFX, a Java FX user interface providing live visual feedback thanks to interactive controllers.

The real power of ImaproFX comes from it’s Java coding framework… Coders can create their own image analysis ribbons simply by extending and implementing an abstract “ImaproFilterFx” class :

Post written by Jean-Luc Bloechle

Vote Results Table Detection

The automatic extraction of vote results from tables is no more a burden thanks to SugarcubeIT table detection tools. Using Insight, our OCD end user interface, we dynamically restructured thousands of tabular data into Excel spreadsheets.

Legal Ad Detection

Using OCD as a pivot format SugarcubeIT implemented a dedicated tool able to detect legal advertisement from PDF documents.
Below image shows ruler detection with green dashed lines while advertisement detection is highlighted thanks to straight oblique colored lines.